Prior Service Clarifications?
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    Prior Service Clarifications?

    Good Afternoon Marines,

    Hoping to find someone that knows whatís going on with tattoos. Iím currently in the process of getting tattoos removed just so I can re-enlist after being out since 2010. I would have reenlisted then to avoid this whole issue, but long story short came home to raise my brother and take care of my mother.

    Iíve talked to a few different recruiters some say there are waivers for tattoos, my local recruiter says absolutely not till itís completely removed. Iím 6 treatments in on my arms and am currently on hold from further treatments due to hyperpigmentation of the skin. I kind of feel like Iím getting the run around.

    Other than the tattoos on my forearms being the disqualifier, Iím good to go, reenlistment code RE-A1, 82 Asvab, zero care on what MOS if I cant resign into my original MOS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Others will be along, I have no info, but check out the Ask A Marine section of this forum for extensive threads about tattoos; however, PM kamauxx first, as he is a former recruiter. And be aware that I don't know if the info given in Ask A Marine would be applicable to prior service. Good luck.

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