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    Yeah, I guess it was kind of long ago.

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    Long ago, but seems like yesterday ...

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    Yes-----20 of us from my last duty station, which was the last 2 years of my 4 year enlistment, are still in touch on an almost daily basis. To us, it seems like yesterday that we were in our unit.

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    You're the real deal.
    Semper Fi,

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    Yeah, Ed, I know I'm a boot. You probably went in a month before I did. LOL.

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    somebody had to say it ,
    you know it-
    IF I hadn't - somebody else would have.

    Doesn't mean somebody else cant come along
    and boot the bunch of us - ??
    Old Marine-
    Dozens of senior Marines to us in here my friend..

    Semper Fidelis- never give up

    Are you still playing with your "SmallFonts"

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    Semper Fi back to you, Ed.....

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    Dave....you didn't answer Ed....are you still playing with your small Font?

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    That's correct, I did not answer him. He already knows about small fonts.

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    Bunch of old salty farts up in here ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by USMC 2571 View Post
    Yeah, Ed, I know I'm a boot. You probably went in a month before I did. LOL.
    I went in August 63;believe I was after Ed, and before Dave. I was in Plt.257;L Company; 2nd. Battalion. Parris Island


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    Like I said ...

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    "Brown Leather"

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