Chances of My Husband Getting a Tour Conversion Approved?
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    Chances of My Husband Getting a Tour Conversion Approved?

    I just want to know what you guys think, from your experiences, whether or not my husband can get a tour conversion to where it will go from unaccompanied to accompanied. We just got married this month. He is a LCPL in Okinawa and has been there about a year already. (I don't want to know whether or not you think I should do it, no offense. I'm aware that if he gets approved he will have to stay longer). He will be picking up Corporal in a few months as well, if that makes any difference. He has apparently started the process of trying to get it approved and he said they told him if it does get approved it'll take about 6 months. Just curious to know what everyone else's experiences are. Thanks!

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    All depends on his unit. Id say just wait out the last year and wait for him to rotate back stateside unless you want to go live in Oki for 2 years.

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    I am not sure how long the tour is in Oki these days when I was in the Corps I was a Grunt and my tour was 13 months, if it is close to that it for him and he has been there almost a year, unless you want to stay there for an extended period of time I would just wait for a few more months for him to rotate back home. just my opinion, but if you're interested in spending time on the rock than as MVR said above, it depends on the unit and the housing availability...

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