How do I give myself the best chance of getting the MOS I want?
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    How do I give myself the best chance of getting the MOS I want?

    I am looking for someone to explain how job availabilities work.
    Is my MOS decided before boot camp?
    If so, can it be changed before or after boot camp?
    Are there times that certain jobs simply aren't available?
    I would appreciate any help that anyone offers me.

    Thank you for your time, Marines.

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    A former recruiter (Kamauxx) will be by shortly to answer your questions.

    LOVE your name! You'll do good.

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    Job availability is based on fiscal year (October to October) and first come first serve basis.

    Prior to going to recruit training you will sign a contract for a job field which can have anywhere from one to upwards of eight specific MOSs in it. You'll learn your specific MOS at recruit training.

    You can have your recruiter change your job as many times as he's willing to do. It won't matter until you sign the contract for whatever job you've decided on.

    Your recruiter can look in MCRISS and get a basic snapshot of all available career fields.

    If you are going USMC Reserves you will sign a contract for the exact MOS instead of a field.

    As far as the best time, it's tricky. Since jobs drop in October anyone who is already in DEP but haven't gotten their jobs will have the best chance of getting what they want. Conversely if someone enlists in August and ships in September, for example, their choices will be very slim.

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    Thank you

    Thank you for the information, Marines. This is exactly what I wanted to know. If there is any other information you think I would find helpful, I would love to hear it. Thanks again!

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    It is important to score well on the ASVAB test. Higher your score, the more MOS's you'll qualify for. Your recruiter can tell you what resources are available to study for the test. Some MOS's also depend on your ability to attain a higher security clearance (based on a special background investigation).

    Bottom line. Primary MOS's are assigned based on the needs of the Marine Corps. Your needs are secondary, at best. As long as you remember that basic rule, you'll be OK.

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    I have not taken the ASVAB, but when I initially talked to my recruiter, I took what I believe he called an EST, and I scored a 91 on that. He seemed to think this was a good score.

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    Yes. Recruiters do give "practice ASVAB tests".

    He is correct. 91 is a good score (not great). It will keep you out of the messhall baking bread and changing tires on trucks. It is not high enough to get any job in intelligence, aviation, etc. If you're content with that fine. If not, you better start studying for the real thing.

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    I'll start studying, then. Thanks again for the information! Great stuff.

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    If that score is representative of the AFQT I'd imagine his line scores would all be high enough to open up pretty much any MOS. That said, strive to do the best that you can, you never know when that may help you out. For example, I am now, 10 years after taking the ASVAB, applying to the army to be a pilot. In my packet they have all my ASVAB scores printed out. When being evaluated against competition, even if they don't give it much weight, it is one more thing that tilts in my favor. I did not expect the ASVAB I took for the Marine Corps in highschool would be used 10 years later to apply to be a pilot.


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    A 91 on the EST is a solid score. We would usually see kids score +/- 10 points on the actual ASVAB. Keep in mind, though they claim all versions of the ASVAB are the same there are undoubtedly some harder than others, so it's very important to study.

    Getting an 80 would generally place your line scores in the 120+ range. Getting a 90 would likely put then in the 135+. The scores aren't like your standards tests. They're more like a comparison of how you did compared to your peers. An 80 means you scored higher than 79% of the people that have taken the test. Recruiters like to enlist people who score iver a 50 (referred to as "Alphas") because it means your new applicant/Poolee has above average intellect (50 is average).

    Scoring above an 85 or so will pretty much open up all MOSs you're otherwise qualified for.

    The only way that won't happen is if you are one part of the test but completely bomb the others. For instance if you're a mathematics genius but can't read to comprehend, you'll have some extremely high line scores and some extremely low, leaving you with a good overall score but possible poor MOS choices.

    Too long; didn't read? Study!

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    kamauxx, thanks for the pointers. I did read the whole thing (I even read for comprehension lol) I'll be sure to study.

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