Looking for Marines from MCRD SanDiego Platoon 2013, Graduating in 1979
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    Looking for Marines from MCRD SanDiego Platoon 2013, Graduating in 1979

    Is there anybody out there that was in Platoon 2013, MCRD San Diego Graduating in 1979? Our Senior DI was SDI SSG Hillary. Also had DI's SGT Correa (sp) and CPL Leek.

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    Let me know if you are a member of TWS, if not, PM me and I will look up folks for you on that site, if they are registered there.

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    nope I was platoon 3083 1973

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    I had a Retirement Parade in Jan, 1973.

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    MCRD, San Diego 1981, Platoon 3051. Beatings, Drowning, Suicide, and Court Martials.

    Are there any Marines out there that were in my Platoon? MCRD, San Diego 1981, Platoon 3051. You may not remember our platoon number, but I am sure you remember our drill instructors SSGT Hernandez, Sgt. Piatt, and Sgt. Craig, along with the numerous beatings, the drowning, the suicide, and the court martials that followed there after.

    Contact me at mremerson2008@yahoo.com

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    It was 3037, my platoon, and I saw all of it.
    Crap, I was beginning to think I imagined the entire thing because I could never find ANY info or people that were in my platoon.
    You ended three decades of self doubt my friend.
    I sent an email to your address, please get back to me, I would love to talk.

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    I’m on the opposite from you in the platoon photo section of the red Grad book
    (if you’re initials are G.R.)
    Your photo is botton/left on your page.
    I’m second down/far left on the opposite page.
    H—-erson, M.R.

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    How in the **** are you Marine? It is really good to hear from you! How could any of us that were in platoon 3037 ever forget the **** that went on in our platoon. I e-mailed you today, so write me back Brother!


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