Happy Birthday, Mongoose (Billy) 10-24-17
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    Happy Birthday, Mongoose (Billy) 10-24-17

    I'm a day early, but that makes up for the folks who post belated birthday wishes, gives them an extra day to see this thread......Mongoose is one of the best people on this site, everyone knows that, and I for one wish him not only a happy birthday but many more. Billy, Happy Birthday and Semper Fi.

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    And to think that I actually thought he was lying to me when he said he was just turning 39 a couple of years ago.

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    Happy Birthday, brother Billy... may you have many, many more.... hoist a few, plus one for the Corps, Semper Fi..... have a great day.....

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    Happy Birthday... with much more to come...

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    oh, by the way, I had these guys bake you a cake, enjoy...

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    Happy Birthday my brother. I hope you're doing well.

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    Right On Billy Happy Birthday Brother hope you have many more S/F

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    Happy Birthday

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    Thanks to all my brothers......I turned 21 in Nam......never thought I'd see 22....just saying.

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    happy birthday Billy....enjoy your day....semper fi

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    Happy birthday brother Billy. Semper Fidelis.

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    Happy birthday brother and many more. SEMPER-Fi

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    Happy Birthday Billy. Have a great one.

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    Happy birthday Goose, I hope you have many more,semper fi, glad you are on these forums.

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