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    Asvab waiver

    I scored a gt score of 103 on the asvab and I know the required score to even get a chance to try out for recon is 105 and I was wondering how hard it would be to get an asvab waiver or if it would be at all possible? Not saying I'm some recon prospect just want to know if I'm even going to have the opportunity to try. Thanks for any feedback or info

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    It is possible. Some MOS's will allow a two point waiver but not all do (don't know about recon but I doubt it). Just check with your recruiter.

    If you're considering retaking the ASVAB to shoot for a higher score. Be aware scores can go down just as easily as they can go up. Your most current score is the official score. You can't just elect to keep the highest score and throw the lowest score out.

    Good luck.

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    (Just by the way.....a short note to the OP:

    The OP will not want to hear this, and for this circumstance I apologize in advance, BUT it must be said that there are plenty of good MOSs out there that don't involve recon.

    There are a lot of people who associate the USMC with recon and MARSOC, just like the USAF is associated, in people's minds, with flying the F-16----just be aware that there are plenty of jobs that you might be very pleasantly surprised about, if you explore them.

    Go for recon if you want it, but be aware, as you would have to be by now, that recon, MARSOC etc are just parts of a much bigger Marine Corps, and to not explore the rest of it would be doing yourself a disservice.)

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    I've never seen a line score waiver. You should consider taking a UH contract and retaking the ASVAB after you're in the FMF.

    But as previously stated, check with your recruiter first. Maybe there's something, someway, a supply/demand shortfall for Recon Marines.

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    The GT Score is non-waiverable per NAVMC 1200.1B dated 1 Jul 2016. You should check with your recruiter to see if a new NAVMC is out.

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    The fascination with Marine Recon is understandable with the none knowledgeable person who knows nothing or little about Marin Recon except what they have heard, read about; a video game or saw in a movie.

    If didn't know better, I would believe that the Marine Corps designed it as a recruitment enticer. The old bait and switch game. The majority of these young people don't have a chance in hell of entrance into BRC


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    ^^^and then half of those will wash out.

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