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Thread: JWTC Courses?

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    JWTC Courses?

    Does anybody here know what courses are offered at the JWTC in Okinawa. I know about the scout swimmers course and jungle survival but is there any more?

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    Little.....I don't know......most of us here, took our training in Nam.

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    JWTC, Okinawa use to be just "NTA" or Northern Training Area until being renamed Camp Gonsalves in 1986. From late 60's to mid 70's they ran Counter Guerilla Warfare and Raid classes...

    They teach Patrolling, overcoming obstacles in the jungles... Rappelling, Equipment hauling over vertical terrain and such..

    Scout swimmers are part of a class taught in the Raid Course, Coxswains, small boar operations at Coronado, SOTG.

    JWTC is similar to Mountain Warfare Training Center (MWTC) which is centered around Mountain Operations... Mountain Leaders Course, Survival, Climbing, Skiing and such..

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    I underwent E & E at the NTA in the early 60's. Quite an experience.


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    Did ya'll know that during the Nam War....there was 60,000 men that did E & E in Canada??

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