Prior Service 0622 / Getting back in
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    Prior Service 0622 / Getting back in

    I am currently talking to the Prior Service Recruiter and I was just told that 0622 isn't around anymore, however, looking at the SMCR there are spots available. Does anyone have insight on why PSR is saying this?

    Also I went through MOS school in 2007 an did 0621 and 0622. Does anyone know if the 0622 MOS qualify as a 0621 too?

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    You might want to PM two people in case they don't see this. Tennessee Top and Kaumaxx. The latter used to be a recruiter, so he may have some insight.

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    Others will probably be along to help also.

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    Sorry. Can't offer any insight.

    Good luck Devil.

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    Unfortunately I know precisely zilch about prior service recruiting.

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