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    Happy Birthday youngster

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    Thanks, Ed and George.

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    Happy belated birthday, Dave.... and may you have at least a many MORE as you have already had.....

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    William, I wish you were more realistic at times. Think in months.

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    Russ, you hit the nail on the head, Brother........Dave said he went to his Doctor, Monday, got a prescription filled, and went home. Later he called his Doctor and asked the Doc....didn't you say I'd have to take this prescription for the rest of my life? Doc said yes I did....Dave said, well just how serious is my condition.....cause this bottle says no-refills.

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    Don't let Dave know. You see, his doctor called me about his med's. Dave's meds are now just generic sugar pills so at least his open sores won't get any worse. How is that hump on his back? The doc said that the festering was really a good thing.

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    Comedy Central right here on Leatherneck----Just saying.

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    Happy Birthday

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