GED+15 Credits questions
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    Question GED+15 Credits questions

    I have contacted a recruiter and was informed that 15 college Credits are needed for enlistment. Can those credits be from "Easy" classes or should they be from legitament studies? Such as math, history and etc..

    -future poolee

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    I'd question the time and effort i had to
    put forward in each credit i had to earn.
    That it would benefit me in the future-
    no matter -U S MarineCorps or not....

    you're only fooling yourself

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    My father has told me to stop working and focus on school if i plan on earning the title Marine. I have all the time in the world to get this done i was just seeing if anyone has gone down this road and what they suggest. Thanks for the reply.

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    The classes can be easy as you like as long as they're level 101 or higher.

    Take keyboarding, theatre, art appreciation, etc. Just make sure the courses aren't 100 or lower.

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    Ah for the old days, when you could go in without a high school diploma OR a GED, and everything would be fine. But no, we must change things for the sake of change, and now we need to have more and more and more requirements----those who are used to this stuff have trouble even visualizing a prior era when more common sense reigned. LOL-----I had two years of high school, joined the Corps, got my GED WHILE I WAS IN the Corps. No problem.

    So just take this with a grain of salt, like someone talking about how it used to be before the advent of automobiles.

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    Dave; as Paul Harvey used to say "stay tuned for the rest of the story,,, Dave went on to college and received his Law Degree and became an officer and Judge Advocate. So, it proves, that if you want something bad enough, that you can achieve it.


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    My recruiter says 100 or higher? At this point it isn't relevant since i still have a math test before i get my GED. Apparently my Tattoo is needing removal as well. My juvenile record is gonna need a waiver to. The ARMY recruiter next door said he would take me as is, but my entire family is Army. I have always been a rebel lol.

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    All one needs to join the Army is a pulse. Wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't throw in an enlistment bonus worth a few thousand dollars to sweeten the deal. With all your issues, you just may want to take him up on his offer - think about it.

    Good luck.

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    The Army is still a branch of the military, of course, and it has a distinguished history also. So, although the Corps is your first choice, the Army would beat sitting around the house.

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    I had to have a tattoo removed to enlist as well. It's worth it.

    When I was on recruiting duty the Army guys next door (and in our area in general) missed mission for more than 18 consecutive months. They're way of fixing their deficiencies was to lower the required ASVAB score from 31 to 21. They did that for about 60 days and finally made mission.

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    You know, lots of good people fail to get into the military, unlike the so-called "old days: (which might just as well be called The Sensible Days)-----they didn't turn people down for the slightest thing. Now, granted, I realize that they can afford to be more selective these days, with all the folks who supposedly want to join up, but still, I would be willing to bet that the military services turn away OTHERWISE highly qualified and capable individuals. End of today's sermon. LOL.

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    Yeah it would be memorable to have my father put on my Blue Cord when graduating basic.

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    Depends what you want to do... There are certain things the army is better for, certain things they aren't. Personally, if I were going combat arms I'd stick to the Marine Corps. I have a lot of friends in the army infantry, and they swear by it, but some of the things the Marine Corps does seems to make more sense. But of course, I'm highly biased.

    I will say the Ranger mission is sweet, but it's much more difficult and less certain a path than Marine Corps infantry. I do believe you can get a Ranger contract before you leave for boot camp(that is yours to lose should you not meet the standard). Your juvenile record may or may not effect your ability to get required security clearances though.

    The army in general is a bigger organization, and therefore is less selective with who they recruit. I found the Marine Corps infantry to generally be a motivated and intelligent group of guys, though this was not without exception, however. One major difference between the branches seems to be the Marine Corps' emphasis on small unit leadership and delegating responsibility to junior guys.

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