House Passes 2018 Budget Plan
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    House Passes 2018 Budget Plan

    President Trumpís ďAmerica FirstĒ budget blueprint. (AP/Photo)
    October 5, 2017

    OAN Newsroom

    The House passes a $4.1 trillion budget plan, setting the stage for the GOPís tax overhaul agenda.

    The measure won approval along party lines in a 219-to-206 vote Thursday.

    The budget plan calls for more than five trillion dollars in spending cuts over the coming decade, including a plan to turn Medicare into a voucher-like program for future retirees.

    The framework for the GOP tax reform plan also promotes a tax cut for businesses.

    The approved 2018 budget resolution is a big win for Republicans because it helps set up a process for shielding the GOP tax bill from a filibuster in the Senate.

    Passing the measure is behind schedule, but Republicans are expecting movement.

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    Is this the first budget since the "o" administration...???

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    Quote Originally Posted by FoxtrotOscar View Post
    Is this the first budget since the "o" administration...???
    yes, since the O first took office, they always used continuing resolutions so they would have to make decisions on who gets what money.

    The Proud, The Few, The Constitutional Marine

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    In reality, there isn't 4.1 Trillion dollars on this planet...

    Politicians should start receiving No Pay Due until they accomplish things correctly and with positive results...

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    Mike, must I remind you.....we have the best Politicians money can buy.

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    Passing stuff in the House has not been the problem. Let's see how far it gets in the Senate filibuster or no filibuster.

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    I thought they had done away with the filibuster, Top? Any way the Republicans will still have those 3 or 4 like McCain that will kill it......not because it's bad, but because they are traitors to the Right.

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    That's why I said "filibuster or no filibuster". Meaning, not having the filibuster available to the democrats is no real advantage to the Republicans if they cannot come up with the votes they need.

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