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    well, ed can't be too upset with us, we're still "white a$$holes" and not "cracker chuck mfers".... just sayin.....

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    I sure wish Ed would use some gel curl, and where did the red come from?

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    Russ....are you any kin to Elizabeth Warren....just asking

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    Well, I ride 2 Indians, but she ain't one of them. She's ugly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by advanced View Post
    Well, I ride 2 Indians, but she ain't one of them. She's ugly.
    I was just wondering brother.....if ya'll was from the same Tribe? I remember you telling me a while back, that you was from the Wanakunt Tribe......and your Indian name was Lickingbeaver. Aren't you a Chief now?? I remember reading last week about an Indian Chief down South call #1 Lickingbeaver....Is that by any chance you brother?

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    Quote Originally Posted by USMC 2571 View Post
    Here is the irony about taking a knee during the National Anthem. The players who do this are obviously protesting the idea of disrespect, whether it be towards their race, their group or whatever. But, ironically, they themselves use disrespect to call attention to disrespect. Does this make any sense, to do this? Do you see people protesting destruction of property by being out there destroying property themselves??? No, of course not. So why show disrespect as a way of calling attention to the kinds of disrespect you yourself don't like?

    But no one ever said that any of this kind of stuff makes sense.

    I don't like violence, so I use violent means to call attention to it. Duh.

    It is about Provocation ! It is about Revenge! In a certain part of Cleveland,Ohio there is a big word graffiti painted on the side of a building along a major freeway! and the word painted is "PROVOKE" that is the agenda we all keep asking what point?

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    Don't try to ignore me Russ.....you Indians are notorious for talking with a forked tongue....is that Chief down in Florida you??

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    Yes, Gary, gkmoz-----that is the key to 9/10 of it, for sure.

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    I'm a chief now, but after the elections the 1st of the year I'm going to be just an Indian. I'm not running anymore.

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