Advice from an old Marine to newly minted Devil Dogs.....
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    Advice from an old Marine to newly minted Devil Dogs.....

    I'm going to be honest here. My first two years in the Corps, I was a model Marine. Then, when I was three minutes late for mess duty, I got burned pretty bad in Office Hours.
    Instead of taking my lumps, like a man, I rebelled and became a sh*t-bird. I thought, "I'll show these guys!"
    Well, long story short....they showed me.
    I didn't hurt the Corps by my actions and attitude. I only hurt myself and my future in the Marine Corps.
    So, keep your nose clean. If you do make a a Marine. Accept the consequences of your actions, and go on from there.
    Semper Fi

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    Good advice. Difficult to take at times.

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    I know that took a lot to admit, You're certainly standing tall now Marine.

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    When I was a rookie cop there was a rule to be at roll call 15 minutes before the hour. I came in just after they started the roll call and my Lt simply told me if I couldn't be on time to just go home and think about it with no pay. I was never late again. Hard Corps, like I was still in the MC.

    Today, they're actually paid for those 15 minutes every day.

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    I broke all kinds of rules in Nam, a lot of us did. Some however, turned out to be for the best. Rules didn't matter much when it came to keeping you and your brothers bodies in one piece.

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    Still have a habit of getting places 15 Minutes early ...

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