OCS Graduate Question -DD214?
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    OCS Graduate Question -DD214?

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post, but I graduated OCS in 2008 (last year of Bush admin). I completed the 10 week course going into my last year of college. During my last year in college I had some personal things go on with my family, and I voluntarily dropped from the program prior to graduating and being commissioned.

    Fast forward 10 years, I am trying to join the Maryland Air National Guard. I have always maintained that I do not have any military service to lay claim to, despite having completed OCS. The National Guard Disagrees. Their computer system shows that I was an E1, honorably discharged reservist from April 2008 until Jan 2009. Whatever, this makes no sense to me, but their computer says what it says. The MD Guard unit submitted a request for my military service record, and received a whole bunch of stuff from OCS that I never knew existed. What they did not receive was a DD214 (which they requested several times). I also contacted archives and got an email back that they never received one.

    I was told by many enthusiastic Gunnery Sergeants when I left OCS that I was "nothing" until commission, which never happened, so I always took their word on it, and assumed there was nothing.

    The National Guard won't move forward until they get a DD214 which it would seem does not exist. Is there any way to clear up this mess?

    On a side note, I am currently an Engineer at Northrop Grumman with an active clearance. Not sure how this issue didn't come up during the clearance application....


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    After reading through numerous posts and going through some old paperwork, I can say:
    I have a copy of my DD Form 4 and a photograph taken during swearing in. I had read a number of posts saying that OCS grads never had an enlistment agreement and never swore an oath, but that is not true (at least in my case).


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    You said a DD-214 "which it would seem does not exist", is what the National Guard wants and needs.

    Make sure you try to see if one exists in your case. That would be the very first step, in my opinion.

    Even if you have to contact HQMC or an Officer Selection Officer.

    Someone has the answer as to whether a DD-214 for you does or does not exist. So that would, in my opinion, be the very first thing---to check that out no matter where you might have to go, telephonically or email, to get that info.

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    Have your recruiters tried all items below?

    AR 301-210, Regular Army and Reserve Components Enlistment Program dated 31 August 2016:

    Applicability. This regulation applies to the Regular Army, the Army National Guard/Army National Guard of the United States, and the U.S. Army Reserve, unless otherwise stated.
    319. Verification of prior service
    Commanders at all levels in USAREC and in the ARNG will emphasize the need for early detection of possible erroneous or fraudulent enlistment of applicants. Applicants who are thought to have had, or who claim to have had, PS in any U.S. Armed Force will not be enlisted in the RA, USAR, or ARNG until their PS, if any, is verified.

    Authorized personnel with access to the Defense Manpower Data Center via Recruiter Eligibility Data Display (REDD) may obtain RE code data (see para 321). If an inquiry is made and RE data is favorable, processing will continue. If the response is unfavorable, processing will be suspended until data can be verified. A DD Form 214 and DD Form 215 with RE code and SPD code can be obtained by writing to Commander, U.S. Army Human Resources Command, USAREC/ARNG Liaison Team (RCRCPPSRL), 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, Fort Knox, KY


    Prior military service can be verified as follows:

    (1) For applicants who served in the RA, the following documents will verify PS:

    Original copy or certified copy of latest DD Form 214 (a certified copy from court or Veterans Administration may be used.)

    (b) A review of Defense Manpower Data Center REDD level 2.
    (c) Copy of the original or legible DD Form 214 may be used provided it agrees with USMEPCOM verification procedures or Defense Manpower Data Center REDD check to verify that the RE code and SPD code are the same.
    (2) For applicants who served in RC, the following documents will verify PS:

    DD Form 214 or DD Form 215 will be used to verify all periods of active and inactive military service of the member before the date of his or her last separation from active military service; however, entries may appear in error to the recruiter, or the applicant may dispute the entries. Only the original form, the actual carbon copy, a certified copy of the original form, a legible copy verified by REDD from Defense Manpower Data Center, or a records depository copy furnished by the recruiting official under paragraph 319c is authorized for verification purposes. DD Form 214 or DD Form 215 will not be used to verify RC membership, or the nature of the RC service after the member’s date of last release from active military service, unless recruiting officials obtain an accompanying discharge order.

    (b) The recruiting battalion operations NCO or officer is authorized to use the HRC Assignment Orders and Resource Systems to verify RC service. This verification may be used when all other attempts to obtain documents have been exhausted.
    (3) For both RA and RC applicants, if a DD Form 214 or DD Form 215 is not available, the documents below may be used to verify PS. Copies must be furnished to recruiting officials directly or through military channels by the records custodian for forms cited in paragraphs 319b(2)(a) through 319b(2)(d)

    Certified, true copy of copy 2 of DD Form 214.

    DD Form 220. This form will serve to verify periods of active military service.

    NGB Form 22. This form may be used to verify periods of ARNG or Air National Guard service. Entries may appear to be in error or the applicant may dispute the entries. If so, previous ARNG or Air National Guard service may be obtained by writing TAG of the State where the last separation from the ARNG or the inactive Air National Guard was implemented.

    Defense Manpower Data Center REDD level 2.

    An applicant may not be able to substantiate their PS under paragraph 319b. If
    so, a request for verification of PS will be submitted to the USAREC/ARNG Liaison Team located at HRC. Such requests will contain the following:

    (1) The exact name under which the person served.
    (2) Social security number.
    (3) Organization from which last discharged.
    (4) Type of discharge claimed.
    (5) If exact dates of service are not known, approximate dates.

    Request for PS verification or IRR membership of applicants with a Reserve obligation will be made by telephone. Requests for PS verification of applicant without a Reserve obligation from all Services will be sent to:

    Commander, U.S. Army Human Resources Command, USAREC/ARNG Liaison Team (RCRCPPSRL), 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, Fort Knox, KY 401225303, or directed to the proper agency below.
    (1) For prior U.S. Marine Corps service
    (a) If separated for less than 1 year without a Reserve obligation, request is sent to:
    Commandant, Marine Corps (Code MMSB10), Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, 2008 Elliot Road, Quantico, VA 221345002.
    (b) If separated with a Reserve obligation, request is sent to: Commanding General, Marine Corps Reserve Support Command, 10950 El Monte, Overland Park, KS 662111408.

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    Thank you for the information. I will talk to the ANG recruiter and see what has actually been done.

    I have spent the last 24 hours trying to track down the appropriate OSO to contact. All of my contacts from 10 yrs ago are no longer serving, and the Officer Selection office (Syracuse, NY) does not appear to be in operation any longer.

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    From MCRCO 1100.1 dated 9 November 2011:

    Paragraph 3292 (extract)

    c. Prior service Marines who have beendischarged or separated from
    1 Jan 1998 and after, and need copy oftheir DD214 they can be obtained at:

    Commandant of the MarineCorps (MMSB-10)
    Personnel Management SupportBranch
    2008 Elliott Road, Room 203
    Quantico, VA 22134-5030

    Additional information canbe obtained at the following link:

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    Here is what I was able to obtain from a recruiter. Still no DD214, but from what these documents say, there likely should be one.

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Well, looks like I need "credits" to post more attachments, so that is it for the photos. The third page has the most information. The separation code used was JFN3. I looked up this code and got "JFN3 - Physical disability determined by a medical board that existed prior to entry; any reason not falIing within the purview of JFN1 or JFN2, USMC". That is total B.S.

    Still, if that is the case, there should be a DD214.

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    Discharge date was 20090121
    End Oblig SVC: 20151118

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