MEPS Medical Waiver Question
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    MEPS Medical Waiver Question

    I went to MEPS June 23rd, 2017. I got temporarily disqualified for Lordosis at 63 degrees, which is something I've never had a problem with my back in the past I've done sports my whole life Cross Country gymnastics cheer basketball soccer... my doctors from the past never said anything about it. I've been waiting 3 months and I've gotten no word back on it.. Should I just keep waiting? I know there isn't really much I can do but like idk. How long could it take to get the word back if its denied or accepted?

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    Same situation except different reason for waiver just keep going strong man, Hopefully your will to become a United States Marine is as big or even greater than mine. Good luck to you bro.

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    That time depends on their backlog...

    You have not mentioned nor indicated if you have pursued this with your recruiter..

    He is your primary source..

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    Like FoxtrotOscar said, check with your recruiter on if a waiver is even being looked at. If he does not seem like he is willing to help try going to another recruiter. You never know. Good luck and don't give up.

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