What should I do?!
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    What should I do?!

    So I've been training hard and working on my swimming, dieting etc. I have been training to become an 0372 eventually. I want to here you guys opinion of going from an 0317 to an 0372. I was thinking do my 4 years as an 0317 and then go to 0372 but maybe there is a better way. In the end all I want to be is a marsoc Marine.

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    If you haven't yet, visit their website at www.marsoc.com

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    Ode To The Past.

    What ever happened to what used to be seen
    When a man or woman wanted to be a Marine
    Without any job he or she had in mind
    But just the chance to be one of a kind
    Those days are gone, and now we can say
    What job we will have, throughout the work day.

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