Advanced Swim Qualification?
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    Advanced Swim Qualification?

    I'm just looking for some information on what consists of the advanced swim qual. I am currently an intermediate qual and our battalion is having an advanced qual coming up soon. I know its a week long, what consists during the week long qual?

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    Check your Training NCO or the S-3 shop for that info...

    It is available...

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    Yes, as a last resort, when no one else has the info, always consider admin within your own unit. If they don't have the info, they know where to get it. And the info is reliable, because after all, it is the unit you're assigned to, so they know and should know.

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    Actually it's MCO1500.52d...

    I am one of those that is....

    I just prefer that some of those looking for info do so correctly..

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