Can I wear Dress Blues
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    Can I wear Dress Blues

    I was honorable discharge in 1987 (1983-1987) I was in during Grenada but actually never went there.

    Have Good conduct, Meritorious Medal and Overseas Ribbon.

    I was wondering if I could wear My Dress Blues to the Ball this year and My Dads funeral. He was in during Korean War.

    Also I would like to wear at daughters wedding and when I die.

    How do I know if there was undeclared war back then?

    Interent says has to be a war or undeclared war? I thought once a Marine Always a Marine and have the right. Guess not. Just not sure about when and about the undeclared war part. Dont want to break regs.
    Doesn't really sound right to me though. My older cuz was in during Nam and never went there and he can wear his. BTW, I am 52 and in great shape and still wear military haircut to regs since I got out and wanted to go to ball this year and go to my dads funeral when he passes this year (that's why I got my a new Blues to fit), Still at 10% BF at my age and benching well over 300 lbs on bench at 165 lbs!

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    I believe you can wear your blues, but if you do wear them properly. This past weekend I attended a WWII Vets funeral, they had requested my Combat Vets Motorcycle Chapter, and there was a guy that was one of the casket bearers wearing his blues. His uniform looked good, he only had a gee dunk ribbon, but he wore his collar EGA's backwards. I told some of my Marine friends that were there and they all laughed, one of my guys went over and told him but he did nothing. Just wear them properly. Thank you.

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    Also look below your original post and you will see other threads that are similar to yours, take a look at them, they may have specific answers to your questions.......

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    You can wear them, as long as everything is within regulations. I go on a USMC birthday cruise to the Caribbean every November and a number of us wear uniforms (I don't cause I can't fit in mine - I wear a coat and tie with miniature medals above the left coat pocket).

    Blows my mind how anybody could put their collar emblems on backwards (but it happens). Everybody is taught the basic rule that the anchors always point inboard.

    Find out about this years cruise here. All hands and their friends/family are welcome:

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    Anchors point to the heart! My son just told me that!

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    Meritorious Unit Commendation (MUC) vice meritorious medal?

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    Now I want to get my Blues cleaned up and tailored to fit so I can wear them to an event here and there. I think I'll pull them out of the cedar closet soon and see what it would take. If it's not too many $$... Hmm.


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    If you are near Marine Corps facility, i.e., Eighth & I, Quantico, etc., a tailor or dry cleaning service with tailoring, ideal to help fit your blues. I had mine altered (even changing to larger size collar) and cost less than $75 at Camp Pendleton Exchange. BTW, couldn't fit into my issued one; found one on eBay. Perfect condition. Good luck.

    Lima, 3/4 '67

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