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    I put it on My big screen TV and the Grandkids love it... thanks.

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    No need to go to a zoo, and no admission fee.

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    Just so you know, right now, about 915am EST, elephants in the wild, turn up the volume. They are usually here at the waterhole in the daytime around this time and later also.

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    Anyone happen to locate similar links, please advise.

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    That Tembe Elephant Park camera is down now and then, for some unknown reason. Just so you know it's not your computer.

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    This camera is back up, after being frequently down. Right now, about 815am Eastern Time, there is a herd of elephants shown on the live streaming webcam, and this is not a zoo nor a fenced area, this is Africa, and these elephants are in the wild. Many other kinds of animals frequent this waterhole also.

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