In Memory of Cpt Curtis Dillard
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    CPT Curtis Dillard died on July 22nd. He spent 30years in the Marines. He was promoted to the rank of 2nd LT with abattlefield promotion from the rank of SGT, He served 2 tours in Vietnam and receivedthe Bronze Star. After reaching the rank of CPT he returned to the NCO ranks andreached the rank of Master Gunnery SGT. He was able to retire as a CPT. Hedeveloped Parkinsonís disease from exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. As muchas he fought us, we finally got the VA to give him 100% Disability because ofthe advanced stage of the disease and the scars from Agent Orange exposure. Thelater parts of his life were horrible for him. His story is fully told on hisgo fund me page to help his widow. She was left in a very bad position afterhis sudden death. The story tells of his horrible care by the Hospital whichhelped in his death. Please go to go fund me and search for Curtis Dillard. AllI hope is that you read it and send it to everyone you know. Thank you forhelping. In memory of Curtis Dillard.

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    Will Do, I am sorry too hear of your loss Godbless Yah Rest In Peace Marine Aye Aye Semper Fi

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    My deepest condolences...God Bless.

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    condolences, RIP Skipper.
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    My Condolences-God Bless, Rest in Peace- SEMPER FI.

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