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    Lightbulb Leatherneck Recruit Shooting Award

    Hoping for some help.

    Lately, when my dad has a few whiskeys he brings up a medal he was awarded and lost. He has stated there is no way to replace this medal, but being stubborn, I refuse to believe that. I would love to replace this medal for him, but need guidance on where to start.

    The medal as awarded in Basic Training for placing 5th in a shooting competition. It was the Leatherneck Recruit Shooting award (I don't know the official name). It has a red and yellow ribbon. I have attached a picture.

    I should also state, he enlisted and served during Vietnam.

    Any advice or guidance is appreciated.

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    No idea what this award might be, I've never seen it but that was a few years before my time. I've moved the thread over to "Ask a Marine" for better placement.

    Good luck, I'm curious to see if you get info on this!

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    Never saw this award from 1966 to 1973 at MCRD San Diego.

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    This is the procedure to request an award.

    Send request to:
    Navy Personnel Command (PERS-312D2)
    9700 Page Ave Rm 5409
    St Louis, MO 63131

    Request will have to come from the service member (your dad). Include full name, SSN, date of birth, name of award, and approximate date of issuance. Also need to include a completed/signed SF-180 form (available at www.archives.gov). Write on the outside of the envelope "do not open in mailroom".

    Veterans are entitled to one set of replacement medals. If he has other medals, may as well get them all replaced at once.

    Good luck

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    Good info, as always, Top----but the award seems to be from Leatherneck Magazine. They were always very active in recognizing platoon high shooters, at least at Parris Island when I was there. Contact Marine Corps Association and ask them about their own award.

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    In my day Leatherneck Magazine (Marine Corps Association and Foundation) used to award high shooters with their own awards, as well as free subscriptions to their magazine. No harm in contacting them. Even if they have no idea about their own past awards, they are still the Marine Corps Association and have their own contacts.

    Please keep us updated here??

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    I never saw anyone awarded this particular medal, and I saw a lot of shooters; both individual and team .


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    Me either, Mitch.....but the word "Leatherneck" on the medal looks like the same script (for the magazine title) that Leatherneck Magazine used to use. And the magazine, as mentioned, gave out subscriptions to the magazine as well as other awards, but no medals that I ever saw. That might have been something that was short lived then discontinued, never heard of a medal. Marine Corps Ass'n should have info; they're the ones who gave the award.

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    Good point. If it's not a military award, no sense in dealing with the Navy Personnel Command. We never had any shooting competitions in bootcamp (other than the qualification course).

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    The phone number for the awards section at The Marine Corps Association (Leatherneck) is: (703) 640-0163.

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