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    Here is the logic for swimming per MCO 3120.11A:

    Swim Qualification. Due to water hazards on and near parachute drop zones,

    Marine Corps personnel filling valid parachuting billets and/or participating in parachute training on a

    permissive basis must be qualified as Water Survival Intermediate (WS-I) at a minimum. All Marine Corps

    personnel participating in deliberate water parachute operations will be qualified as WS-I, per reference

    (r). Per reference (ah), Marines qualified as Marine Combatant Divers who are assigned to diving duty and meet annual currency requirements per reference (ah

    ) are exempt from the Marine Corps Water Survival Training Program’s requalification interval.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennessee Top View Post
    Go to and search for parachute riggers. You'll see how tedious the job is.
    Now that I look at it, that does looks incredibly annoying to be doing all day for four years. Nevermind on that.

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