Why do you pick three MOS's?
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    Why do you pick three MOS's?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on here.

    Anyway, i'm curious why you pick three MOS's, and I have another question regarding it.

    Do you pick three MOS's because of availability? For instance, if your #1 pick isn't available for a very long time, you can fall back on your 2nd choice so you're not disappointed? I'd assume so, right?

    Now for the other question, do I also just pick three so my recruiter knows which MOS's I want the most? Would he still be able to offer me an MOS contract that's not in my top 3 with no hassle?

    I've been thinking about it, and i've been considering Security Forces more and more. It's not in my top 3 picks, and I'm wondering if the top three means anything at all. Like, would I have to go back to MEPS or something crazy like that? Or would he have to send some sort of request in that could prolong my ship date?

    Any Poolees or Marines that have been in a situation where you wanted an MOS that wasn't in your top 3? Hopefully this entire post isn't difficult to understand. Sorry if it's everywhere.


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    Hello! When you give your recruiter your top 3 choices, that doesn't mean that's what your MOS is. The Marine Corps has only a specific number of MOS contracts that can go out (I believe they renew every fiscal year). Your recruiter will of course try and get you one of your top picks 3 for MOS but could ask you to take a contract for something else. How hard your recruiter will try to get you your top pick depends a little bit on your ASVAB and IST scores. Just a little bit. I find that if you consistently give your 100% to your recruiter and show your dedication and willingness to do whatever it takes, then he or she will also give you their 100% in getting you the job you want.

    You can change your top three at anytime. (It will probably **** of your recruiter of you try and change MOS after you signed a contract though). You will not have to redo MEPS. Your top three are just so your recruiter knows what you want out of the Corps so they can try and give it to you.

    First answer on this sight. Hope it helps. If you have any other questions, don't be afraid to ask your recruiter. They will work hard for you if you work hard for them.

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    You choose a specific MOS when you sign your contract officially after your confirmed IFT performance and IST done. You'll pick that with a recruiter. Security forces I hear, is a hard contract to get. Try to make sure you know specifically which ONE you want before you head to sign that contract.

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    Hi, I'm supposed to be going to MEPS soon and I was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions of mine.

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    I realize this is kind of a random question but it be nice to be able to talk to someone that is in kind of the same situation as me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikylaroses18 View Post
    I realize this is kind of a random question but it be nice to be able to talk to someone that is in kind of the same situation as me.
    It would help a lot, if we knew your question......or did your situation just consume you....

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