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    Today, 03:33 AM #15
    patched member and a NNE for the club
    commenting on MC's
    Ever been in an MC,
    Coming from inside the Leathernecks MC and a intricate part of the inner circle I can assure you that your post is nowhere near accurate. We are not a 1% club nor are there any plans and never had been plans to entertain becoming a 1% club.

    We exist because we are closer than we were in the Corps.
    "Not just anyone can be a Marine and not just any Marine can become a Leatherneck"


    Says a mouth full ?

    Rapture might need to give an *ORATORY
    about abreviations most us Oldfarts dont know
    about, much less care about*

    Leathernecks MC
    Leathernecks Int MC
    vs; Others **********waz the question ?

    not that I care-
    all "CLUBS" are ? Unique ?

    sorta like the taste of tap water when you're
    drinking LOCAL-

    ASK around in your local area ?
    VFW - AmVets- State and local police?

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    Are you shetting me, rapture.....where was you combat tested?? Riding a dam bike don't make you better than Marines that don't. Get over it, brother.....your inflated ego is over loading your bike riding azz. Most active members on this site are real combat Veterans. They have done things, saw things, and spent more time in Hell than you have on your buggy. Get over yourself Sweetpea....your no closer to your bike-riding buddies, than we are.....we actually shed Blood together and it wasn't from falling off a tricycle. So go blow your smoke up some ones azz that don't know facts from fantasy. To us your just a wanna-be Hero. We deal with 'em all the time. Try acting like a real Marine instead of like a kid with a hurt butt.

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    07-22-17, 05:18 PM #3


    dat motorcicle za ?riceburner ?
    dat 'littlegirl' is a blowupdoll ?
    or a loadtest ?
    Does she also double as a WIDERIDE ?
    Does she have a "trampstamp" dat sez-
    Lick-flaps -
    then seal ?
    She looks MOIST enough to "stick" ona
    motorCicle- like tossin' a piece of spaghetti
    against thewall ta see inin itz done-

    Shame nobody used that MotorcicleThread
    where all this BS could have gotten interesting*

    Ibeen lookin' feer a place to showoff my
    "RoadKnowledge" bout Motorsickles-
    from -
    a 4 day, coast to coast, round trip- witha
    55c.c. singlespeed A/T Puch-moped-
    to motoGuzi offroad races outside Danang'
    on type 1 and type 2 honda 305cc dreams.

    Truth is-
    the one common factor about motorcycles -
    either coast - left or right- and almost any
    country in the world -

    People are out doing their best to kill
    motorcycle drivers......

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	13690720_10154993782698356_7523311807688491386_n.jpg
Views:	68
Size:	21.4 KB
ID:	32698Picture of Russ.....2 months out of Nam......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post

    Picture of Russ.....

    2 months out of Nam......
    Click image for larger version

Name:	12813986_1182152428463009_40107058952757868....jpg
Views:	52
Size:	25.1 KB
ID:	32898

    being all crippled up like russ'
    been lately -
    he had to switch out his OLD Faithfull
    indian to something a little more
    stable on the wheelbase-

    Mongoose -
    did you hear the rumor-

    Dave's thinking of buying a

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    Just an update, the Leatherneck MC around here folded up last month. Some of the members are now prospecting with the Outlaws. ouch.

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    Russ....say it ain't so....say it ain't so, Brother......

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    Quote Originally Posted by m14ed View Post

    Mongoose -
    did you hear the rumor-

    Dave's thinking of buying a
    latest word about dave
    and him purchasing a bike/moto
    he's still studying the machines.

    But he did purchase his first
    Bike Ridding T-shirt...
    here he is wearing it.

    he looks so proud.


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    Wonder how many first dates he's had.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post

    Wonder ??

    how many first dates he's had.....

    He stays that "PORKY"

    Aint no wimmen gwanna
    stop and

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    I just read ol rapture's post for the 1st time. I've seen his type before, bad to the bone (in their own head). I bet he practices that bad azzed look in the mirror as well. A big thing I've noticed in my life is that the Marines that act bad are the one's that were never in combat, while to look and talk to most combat Marines you'd never know. Funny how it works.

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    Amen Russ.....

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    Russ & Billy when you have "walked the walk", it is not necessary to "talk the talk", something that is usually the resort of those "wannabes" trying to garner RESPECT without having to do anything to earn it....

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    You're correct William. Being in the "biker" world so to speak, it seems that the the Leathernecks have always been some of the most unfriendly Marines I've ever met.

    Then one of them told me one time that when they're riding for instance, no one can wave at anyone (part of the mc code) and they have to stay with their "brothers," as though a non-member Marine is not their brother. I want no part of the bad azzed pretenders.

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