Leathernecks MC vs Leathernecks Int MC vs Other
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    Leathernecks MC vs Leathernecks Int MC vs Other

    I'm looking into getting a motorcycle in the next year or two. I assume there are some riders on this site, does anyone know much about these MCs? I'd be interested to hear how they differ from each other (if at all).

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    Skipper, there are a couple on here that are in fact a member, not positive which one though...

    Myself, I'm out in the nether lands and don't belong to any clubs, just ride as a loner for the most part..

    Russ should be along shortly to answer your questions, hopefully...

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    Click image for larger version

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ID:	31652Here's a pic of Russ's ex-wife on his MC. You'll have to ask Russ what kind of bike it is.....I only know about horses.


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    Don't know what kind of bike that is either but doubt the shocks and tires will hold up!

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    Now you all shouldn't be making fun of my x wife as there's a lot to love there, besides she has a pretty smile and a BIG heart. Once she lost all that weight though I just ditched her as she became only a small shadow of the woman I married.

    Skipper, I see that you're interested in veterans groups like I was. The big difference is that in the motorcycle world the motorcycle groups are broken down into 2 main types; MC's and riding groups. MC's require a lot more of your time, and you have to "hang around" before they'll let you in which means you'll have to fetch beers for the full members and such. Where I am there are 3 main veterans MC's, The Nam Knights MC, Vietnam Vets MC, and the Leathernecks MC. There are also others.

    Since we're running out of Nam vets that ride (you may have heard that some of them are getting older) the Nam Knights and the Vietnam Vets have been lowering their standards and you'll see a lot of young guys in their numbers now that were never in the Nam. The Leathernecks MC down in the Port Charlotte areas has all but gone under as they currently have only 4 members. Nationally the Leathernecks are wanting to go 1% so many of their members have been leaving them, I'd suggest that you not go there.

    The other organizational type is the riding group such as the America Legion Riders, and the VFW Riders. I'm in the largest national riding group of this type, the Combat Vet's Motorcycle Association. Many of the Leathernecks around here have joined us over the past 6 months because they've told me we are more in tune of what they originally joined the Leathernecks for.

    Nationally, the CVMA currently has over 13,000 full members, all of which have been "vetted" as being Combat Vets. We have the highest requirements and standards for membership. We are in every state plus Germany and S. Korea so we're now international. Virginia has 5 chapters, in Florida where I am there are 12 chapters. I am the Commander of the chapter that goes from Tampa Bay to Naples on the west coast, we have over 80+ members most of whom are very active.

    The CVMA is made up of Combat Vets from all services and theaters. In my chapter we have Naval Aviators, Army platoon leaders, tank commanders, a Medical Dr., a Pentagon Lt Col from the army, and members from every mos.

    ChuckH, a member here is the Conn. State Rep, I believe he'd suggest you consider the CVMA as well. Good luck on your quest

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    Thanks for the good gouge. I don't have a CAR (my company took IDF regularly, but never got to shoot back), so I'm not eligible for CVMA as a full member.

    That's interesting about Leathernecks wanting to go 1% and honestly disgraceful that they're associating the Corps with crime. Do you think they'll go that route? I'm surprised those members who are jumping ship don't step up instead.

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    You do qualify for Support Member in the CVMA though, nothing wrong with that, you just can't vote. Around here there is a new Marine MC but I can't remember the name of it. Good luck on your quest.

    As an x cop I'm just not into MC's as we used to bust them.

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    Russ, can I get in with a horse? I know it's not a bike, but I sit on it, and it goes, just like a bike. So I'm wondering if I can get a wavier to join. Thanks for your support, brother.

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    Yes Billy you can join as long as that horse has at least 500 cc's. You may need to light a fire cracker in its ass to get up to speed.

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    Russ, when you say cc's....if your referring to cattle cubes....then I'm good to go, as I feed my horse ( Prince ) about 600 cc's a week. Who do I talk to? And can I use you as a character witness for me and Prince.

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    If you use me as a reference they won't let you in. Just tell them that you're air farce like Dave. He can prep you on taking the easy way out.

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    Russ, you know Dave is sensitive about being in the AF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post
    Russ, you know Dave is sensitive about being in the AF.
    Well, Dave should have thought about that long ago. I like him though, he's not bad for being AF.

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    Russ, I talked it over with Prince ( my horse ).....and his feelings are a bit hurt. He said he is considering a discrimination lawsuit, if he and I are turned down by the CVMA.

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    As a patched member and a NNE for the club it always is amazing to read or hear nonsense by individuals commenting on MC's like you know anything about them. Ever been in an MC, probably not and yet you wish to tell others about us. **** off dip****! I think it is wiser to refer a individual rather that act like you have the answers. Coming from inside the Leathernecks MC and a intricate part of the inner circle I can assure you that your post is nowhere near accurate. We are not a 1% club nor are there any plans and never had been plans to entertain becoming a 1% club. My suggestion is never give advise about what you don't know. No matter how close you think you get to one of us "Your not". We are Marines though and don't for a moment think we are weak or afraid to confront individuals. We are combat tested and we exist because we are closer than we were in the Corps. "Not just anyone can be a Marine and not just any Marine can become a Leatherneck" You have already proven that you don''t make the cut because we don't stand for bull ****ters and you are full of ****, that stinks across the web.
    Semper Fi DS

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