Question about uniform for funeral in odd predicament
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    Question about uniform for funeral in odd predicament

    My grandfather recently passed away and will be having military funeral (army) I was wondering if I should where my uniform at all and if I should what uniform should I wear my blues coat has the wrong rank on it (e-2 I'm e-3) or should I just wear dress blue Charlie/deltas and if I should wear my coat with the wrong rank do I where alphas or bravos

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    Service alphas and dress blue bravos are the most common due to the dignity of the occasion. But, nobody would say anything if you wore any of the others.

    One should never wear a uniform with an incorrect rank on it. So, that is not an option. You need to get your uniforms to a tailor shop and get them squared-away. Don't be so cheap/lazy.

    We always called a coat a blouse. Appears that's another change in todays Corps.

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