Med Discharge / Bootcamp Recruit
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    Med Discharge / Bootcamp Recruit

    Question: My son joined the Marines Dec 2016 and endured 13 weeks of training then he was injured during 2nd day of Crucible with torn ACL. Sadly, after coming so close, he was not able to finish the Crucible or graduate as a Marine. Instead he was sent to MRP where he stayed for 30 days awaiting surgery.
    He had a successful surgery in mid March 2017 and was recently moved to PEB. I guess I don't know enough about this unit and am hoping for clarification. What happens now? Does he just wait for a medical discharge or will they try and rehab him to be able to rejoin an active Platoon? If discharged is he qualified for any medical or educational benefits since he didn't graduate? Will he be able to re-enlist? Thank you in advance

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    someone with more knowledge on this then I should Be along, but I believe that after spending so much time and $ on him they will try in every way to get him back into a platoon to finish, as long as he can rehab and be able to pass the PFT and finish Recruit Training he should be good to go in the Fleet.

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    I think they will get him well and send him back. Many athletics, pro and otherwise, have had this problem. They get well and go back to playing.

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    I'm not a Dr.; but I imagine if he is deemed able to rehab in a limited amount of time; that he will be able to finish boot camp and move on. I forget how many day's the crucible is(they didn't have it when I was in), but he was in his second day of it.

    They will let him join another platoon; take the crucible, and graduate; but who knows?


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    Basic break down, really quick and dirty.

    Recruit is injured or ill and cannot train - Transferred to Medical Rehabilitation Platoon (MRP).

    Recruit has been checked out and is available for training - Transferred from MRP to Physical Conditioning Platoon (PCP).

    Recruit has completed PCP and is ready to resume full recruit training - Transferred from PCP to a platoon in the Training Company that is coming up to the training day when the recruit's training ended.

    If the recruit is unable to heal/get well, they are referred to the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) for examination and review by the Navy Doctors. The doctors decide whether the recruits are to be held in MRP (short term healing) or are sent home (long term healing or cannot pass the physical requirements).

    If they are being sent home, they are transferred to the Recruit Separation Platoon (RSP).

    Once you have been assigned to RSP, you are being processed to go home.

    A recruit needs to have served at least 90 days of active to qualify for any Medical Service connected disability. thus he is qualified for such..

    So now it's a wait and see what they final determination is going to be..

    Sorry I don't have a lot of information on this particular subject, rules and Regs change frequently..

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    Usually if the recruit is operated on they would do therapy then the othopedist would evaluate him/her . then send the evaluation to the med Board in Washington DC for the final vertict.
    Wishing your son all the best MaaM.

    Stephen Doc Hansen HM3 FMF

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    From a VA standpoint, everything will depend on the kind of DISCHARGE (if he is discharged) he receives... 90 days or more continuous active duty with an Honorable, he'll get VA benefits; less than 90 days, OR an "uncharacterized" discharge he will NOT be considered a "veteran" by VA standards, = NO BENEFITS.....

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    Likewise they cannot let him go to my knowledge until he is better. You are not allowed to EAS on limited duty I would assume they wouldnt kick him out if he is only 50% but I have little to no experience with med boards I just know they take a long time.

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    Funny, baseball players with torn ACL gets 8 weeks of rehab then back on the field but a Marine gets a Medical discharge don't make sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riven37 View Post
    Funny, baseball players with torn ACL gets 8 weeks of rehab then back on the field but a Marine gets a Medical discharge don't make sense.
    We have higher standards in today's Marine Corps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riven37 View Post
    Funny, baseball players with torn ACL gets 8 weeks of rehab then back on the field but a Marine gets a Medical discharge don't make sense.
    Usually, a Marine can get up to 8 weeks of Convalescent Leave, then he MUST return to duty, at least in a Limited Duty Status, then can remain on LD for up to 6 months AS LONG AS HE CONTINUES TO SHOW PROGRESS TOWARDS FULL RECOVERY TO FULL DUTY STATUS.. a recruit is not yet classified as a Marine, so no "con leave", and the time allowed for return to full duty status might be different....

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    Thank you all for your feedback. I received a call from my son that now he has been moved to PEB :-( and will be there for up to 6mos for continuing rehab. He said that his 'provider' said he is healing well and he has been off crutches for several weeks doing alot of walking and stationary bike but still a ways to go. He has also been assigned a PEBLO who advised him that due to this injury he is likely to be medically discharged but that he can re-enlist after 1yr. Needless to say my son is not happy... I know that many Pro Athletes have had this injury and returned to a very successful career so I just continue to encourage him to not give up and work hard at rehab

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    Do the Marines have a 'reserve' program? If so.. i assume a medical waiver is required for this?

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    Ma'am a lot of things can be Accomplished in 6mos a Youngbuck w/right mind set can over come this especially w/a great Mom like You Godspeed hope all this works out for yah Adios S/F

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    Now, that was actually nice bugs.

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