Infantry or Combat Support?
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    Exclamation Infantry or Combat Support?

    Hey, I am currently a poolee, just got through MEPS last Monday, and I can't decide on a MOS. I originally was planing on going COMM, but my ASVAB score said otherwise. So my plan is to pretty much have fun on my 1st contract either as an infantryman or combat support then LAT move. I am physically in better shape than i should be and am not worried about 'trying' to meet up to male standards, I just have no clue on what i should sign into. Any thoughts??

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    if you like being in the mud, sleeping in foxholes, being up late at night on 50% or 100% watch, going into the field on training for extended periods of time and then getting to a regular grunt unit that if your not deployed to a combat zone then you will be training all the time to be ready to get deployed... if that sounds like fun, and at times it can be, then 0300 is a good fit,
    as long as you can keep up and take the ribbing, or joking, and scrutiny that comes with being a very, very few WM's that can cut it..

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    I don't mind him being in the mud at all.IN fact,I'd rather it is him than me...

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    If you are sincere about just having fun.....I don't think you will like being a Snuffie. In fact you may not like the Corps, if your planning on it being fun and games.

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    I take it your ASVAB score is not high enough for the communications field? If true, it's not high enough for most of the other fields either (maybe not even infantry).

    First thing you need to do is, sit down with your recruiter to see what MOS fields you do qualify for and pick from that list.

    You may find that after you have made your pick, your recruiter does not have a contract for that MOS field to offer you (you may have to wait awhile).

    One joins the Marine Corps to earn the title. It's a little late for you, since you're already a poolee, but if you're looking for a good time and just want to have fun, you really should've joined the Navy or Air Force. We Marines take our service more seriously than that.

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    I was a grunt and I must admit that it was the time of my life, lots of fun and we always played lots of games. What I particularly liked was not having to take a shower or bath for a month or more at a time, getting to eat just enough food to get by on and a big plus was that we all lost weight so we always looked our best on liberty.

    Regarding liberty I was able to stay at the DaNang Hilton a couple of times and you wouldn't believe all the wonderful dating opportunities we had. The people around the Hilton were always so friendly.

    Being a grunt I was able to really hone my marksmanship skills and I was able to hit a bullseye most of the time. Even my buddies couldn't believe it. Of course, to be honest, many times the targets were so close I would have had to be blind to miss.

    Now sleeping accommodations are scarce at times but I always enjoyed sleeping outside under the stars. Before lights out we'd always make smores at our campfire and sing songs and tell jokes to each other. Many times the Marine Corps would even keep the sky lit up at night if it was too dark for us, some of our people would get scared if it was 2 dark you know. Our camp counselors, I mean our squad leaders were always there to see to our needs. Regardless, what ever anyone else says you can never go wrong being an 0311.

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    Russ forgot to tell you about all the fun grunts have with their pets... every grunt is allowed to keep a pet of some kind, fleas are ok, but most guys went for the leeches, which are so loving....

    seriously, take Tennessee Top's advise and you will make out ok....

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    Starsha, as Top said - sit down with your recruiter for a talk about what you're seriously qualified for, and then go from there. The Marine Corps isn't about "having fun", for male or female Marines. It's about what the Corps needs.

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    I heard that Mongoose has a platoon of Roaches.

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    Two threads basically the same topic, by your profile pic you look like you enjoy having a good time, your profile is severely lacking, at one time that was a no no here.... you should have a mod change your status to poolee and add your dates. But hopefully this will all get put to one thread and more will chime in on their thoughts of young ladies being in infantry.

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    So Beautifully Spoken Advanced....Brilliant.

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    Thanks, I was just trying to let her know what it is like. Looks like she must have joined the af though. Too bad Dave wasn't around to give her a pep talk.

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    You like living like an Animal smelling like the Zoo on a windy day Be Careful what You wish for Grasshopper the Fun and Games is over cause the a$$hole$ Shoot back...I Loved it 0311 too the Marrow SF that

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    Lisa -

    She could be a
    OR a


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