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    Marine Intelligence Specialist

    So before I begin, I understand each branch has theyre own intelligence specialists, but after talking to various members of branches I notice the sort of people I get along with better are Marines. But I have some general questions about it. For ease I will place them numerically bulleted.
    1) What is the process of going into the Intelligence occupation. Is it Boot then speciality school and then the background check and security clearance checks? Or do they do Security checks and background checks prior to boot?
    2) What happens if for whatever reason an enlistee is not granted security clearance? Do they still do something in Intelligence, or are they automatically switched to Infrantry?
    3) For those currently or formally Intelligence field, do you believe your work helps Marine leadership to better prepare for situations or bring with it valuable intel that could potentially save more Marine/serviceman lives?
    4) Is a foreign language proficiency needed to gain intelligence Job? Or can foreign language proficiency be earned while doing occupation?
    5) Are the chances of becoming Intelligence Specialist higher in other Branches?
    6) Even though as an Intelligence Specialist, excluding HUMINT, can further combat training be obtained in case the need every arises that an Intelligence specialist need to fight?

    Some of the career paths I look at in the military, most generally, are combat orientated. And I know I can do any job I set my mind to and although Id love to be a tanker or Navy Corpsman or mechanic of some sort, I believe one of my strongest abilities is to read and understand what Im reading and glean various insights others may not, as well as to do thorough research and filing of information. It may not be a "fun" job compared to a tanker and mechanic, but I believe good Intelligence is exceedingly important especially where it concerns potentially saving more of our men and womans lives because the situations are better understood or key information can lead to enemy leaders capture/kill. But then again I have a incomplete look at the general field of Intelligence and I understand its not nothing like movies portray it is. Hence the reason I am inquiring those who have done it.

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    Did not have an intel MOS but was assigned to the US Central Command headquarters in Tampa FL, and worked with intel Marines in the J2 Intelligence Directorate (Special Security Office). Also was deployed to the J2 forward deployed headquarters for Operation Desert Storm in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Can't answer all your questions but will add my two cents where I can.

    First thing you need to know is, to get an intel program from your recruiter, you must attain a minimum score on your ASVAB test at MEPS. I think the minimum GT score is 110 but check with your recruiter to make sure. Intel programs disappear as fast as infantry contracts do. Just because you make the required GT score, does not mean your recruiter will have an intel contract to offer you. Finally, you may be able to get an intel program, but not the primary MOS you want in intel. That all depends on the needs of the Marine Corps at that time - not your needs.

    Every Marine today must have at least a secret security clearance. That means the background checks and security clearance checks are done before bootcamp. If you need a higher clearance after bootcamp for your primary MOS, a special background investigation will be completed. If you cannot attain the level of clearance required for your job, you will be reclassified based on the needs of the Marine Corps (not necessarily infantry).

    Not all intel jobs help Marine leadership. At the battalion level, intel Marines may do such mundane administrative tasks as assist others in their battalion with special background check applications (to upgrade their current clearance). That means sitting at a desk doing paperwork all day - every day.

    Foreign language is not necessary. Linguists require a special test besides the ASVAB to test their aptitude to learn another language. Linguists go to the Defense Foreign Language Institute in Monterey CA to study/learn their assigned language - it's a separate field from intel.

    Intel Marines receive no further infantry training besides what they get in bootcamp and Marine Combat Training (MCT) after bootcamp. If you're attached to an infantry unit, you do your job, and they do theirs.

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