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    Thank you "private" lol

    This post was intended for answers not mockery.


    dip$hits like you rarely do find the search window in here .
    Like you , most spout off showing just how stupid they


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    i gave you a road-map there "little-one"

    now see if you can find the search window


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    Ed, you would make a great Recruiter.......when asked a it, sweetpea. Your answer fits all.

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    If your marriage does not work, Do not blame the Corps. My wife and I are having our 61st anniversary this month. Went into the Corps in 1953 and we were married in 1956. You can make a marriage work.

    Most of what you are getting in this thread is nothing but BS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post

    You would make a great Recruiter.......
    -when asked a question it, sweetpea. answer fits all.
    Mongoose -

    Most likely had I advised for him to "Query"
    via the search tab. he would 've gone WTF ?????
    What's query mean......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marine1955 View Post
    irpat54 very good information you gave Wish I had said it first ...
    lol,, thanks,,

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    Old Marine, I here what You are saying. We got Married in 1981, ten days before I left for bootcamp and just went over 36 years ! ! ! You get out of Life what You are willing to put into it ...S/F

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    I've been married since 1970 (47 yrs), for the most part I enjoyed all 4 of them.

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    advanced, I don't think that's the answer He's looking for. But it's a Good one ! S/F

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    Hello Devildogs,

    I remembered that I had an account here back when i was a poole lol. Fast-forward to a year and a half later I finally earned the title Marine. Looking back at the comments, I want to apologize to any Marines I’ve offended on here. I can see how a Marine Vet would be annoyed with a civilian talking to them like that. But one of the things I’ve learned so far being a Marine is to not take things too personal. This is only the beginning for me and I’m striving to become the best version of myself.
    Oorah & Semper Fi!

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    welcome back... so did you get married?, put it on hold?, or move on?....

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    I followed what I thought was best for me and got married. Now I’m in MOS school at Fort Sill.

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    Good for You .

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