In dep waiver ? Anyone with knowledge
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    In dep waiver ? Anyone with knowledge

    Hello marines, I got arrested and charged with petty theft and possesion of marijuana (10$, and 2 grams.) while in the dep. I had to do diversion court, and finished that 6 months after. This was probably the dumbest thing I've done in my life, I'm not a criminal nor into drugs I've worked my ass off to get a 1st class pft and 78 on the asvab. I don't want any criticism I already feel terrible about it all. I need to apply for an in dep waiver, I know it's case by case but does anyone have insite on wether I should get it accepted or not. Thank you.

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    Recruiters would have a better idea about your waiver but there are no recruiters here on this page. Your waiver will have to go up the chain of command to your district headquarters commanding officer (with a recommendation from your recruiting station).

    Judgement is one of our 14 leadership traits. If I were your recruiter, I would have serious doubts about your judgement at this stage in your recruiting process. That's not criticism, that's just fact. Integrity (always doing the right thing) is questionable as well.

    All you can do is keep your fingers crossed (and your nose clean). If you can, you need to win back your recruiter's trust.

    Come back and let us know how it works out for you and good luck.

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    Thank you for the quick reply and yes I know my recruiter has the most insight. But he's never submitted a waiver for someone already in the dep. that's what I was wondering about

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    In that case, it'll be a learning experience for both of you.

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