Desperately seeking Recruit Depot graduation book!!!
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    Desperately seeking Recruit Depot graduation book!!!

    Good morning Marines!
    My name is William V Guglielmo. I am desperately seeking a graduation book from 1996/1997.
    I went to boot camp from 16 Dec 96 - 23 Mar 97 at Parris Island. I was attached to 1st Battalion Alpha Company Platoon 1018. Senior Drill Instructor Ssgt Dunn ran us through hell and back!! If anyone knows where I can find one I would love to get a copy. My friggin ex-wife destroyed all my service related items!!!
    Please if you or any someone you know was in my Platoon, contact me or give them my email address so that I can get a copy.
    Semper Fi devildogs!!
    William V Guglielmo

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    I sold my extra one on ebay, there is a guy who collects them for some reason. I think you may find one there. Semper Fi

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    maybe this will help, or get you going in the right direction anyways.

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