Getting in shape after muscular atrophy?
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    Getting in shape after muscular atrophy?

    Hello Marines,
    I asked a while back about waivers for my shoulder surgery. I realized that I should worry about the things I have control over, such as my physical shape, instead of worrying about what BUMED or MEPS will think.

    To give a bit of background, on january 25th this year I had a Bankart repair on my right shoulder, which left me immobile for weeks. After 6 weeks had passed, I was allowed to start therapy, which ended in April. Unfortunately, I do not quite have my full ROM back yet (its almost there) and my strength is far off, but I AM allowed to start running now, which Ive started doing.
    My 4 months of stagnation basically resulted in not only losing muscle but also putting on a hefty 20-25 lbs of fat. Im currently 5'7" and exactly 200lbs.

    My doctors and therapists will not let me start lifting/benching/squatting until at least this fall, and right now Im not allowed to do bodyweight either.
    I want to know if someone else on this forum has been through a similar experience and has advice as to how one can lose a solid 20-30lbs and also regain strength over a few months. I know that "good dieting is key" along with that stuff, but I'd like to hear some more specific advice. For a few weeks Ive mainly gone to spinach and omelettes when hungry, and cut sugar drinks off of my menu, and gone running 2 miles 5 days a week and still am not seeing improvements, which is why Id like some advice.
    thank you for reading my post, and also thank you to all Marines for your service.

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    Listen to the docs and PT so you don't reinjure yourself. Other than that, eat well and jog or do other sustained cardio for at least an hour a day. Use an excercise bike if you are worried about falling. Your shoulder is jacked up, your legs are fine.

    Dieting, running, doing crunches and Phys Therapy is the best way to get in shape. See if you can get your doc to refer you to a nutritionist and trainer. You may be able to get insurance to subsidize this given your situation.


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