Is it okay to leave brief trial ADHD medications off record for MEPS?
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    Is it okay to leave brief trial ADHD medications off record for MEPS?

    I am 20. I was given medication for ADHD as an adult when I was not doing well at college. I had a single prescription last fall and another brief prescription in January. My recruiter advised me to forget that I ever took them and leave it off my record. Is it wise or safe to do this? Will MEPS refuse to let me through if i choose to be honest with them about it? Also, will i be guaranteed a waiver at least? Please help. I realize many Marines have left off ADHD or other similar meds off their record and had full careers. However, I do not want it to haunt me or land me a dishonorable discharge down the road. Thank you for taking the time to answer!

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    It is not OK from a policy standpoint. It is in fact fraudulent enlistment and perjury to conceal your use of these medications. All your concerns about a worst case scenario are not technically unfounded. Its also true from a factual standpoint that theyd likely never know, and many people are dishonest to MEPS and in cases like yours it rarely comes to the surface. I dont think it would be difficult to get a waiver, everyone and their mother has been on ADD meds. That said there is no guarantee of a waiver.

    Nobody here is going to tell you lying to MEPS is no big deal.



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    Thank you. I have decided not to lie and to be honest. My recruiter suggested I gather medical records and a statement from my doctor to submit to the recruiting headquarters. Fingers crossed that they let me in.

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    best of luck to you, keep us posted on this same thread..

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    You made the right decision.

    Good luck

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