Berets for U.S. Marines
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    Berets for U.S. Marines

    Everyone else has them. Why can't we?

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    DON'T need those "FRENCHY THINGS" ...The Eagle, Globe and Anchor is all we need to tells us apart from the other services.
    Why in God's name do we want to be like all the other services?
    The Dress Blues are good as is, a "Beret" won't make them any better.
    All of the above is my opinion and I'm responsibile for that opinion.

    Semper Fidelis

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    The Corp Don't need any damn Beret. We got our own Cover with THE GREATEST EMBLEM EVER. I know the World is Changeing, but change ain't always good. A MARINE stands out in a crowd just because He's a MARINE. We don't need any funky little HAT. Besides The Corp doesn't need to copy anything from the Army. ARMY stands for: Ain't Real Men Yet. I LOVE MY CORP just the way it is.

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    Berets serve no useful purpose, why would you want one?

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    Just thought we needed a wake-up call.
    Funny how that utility cover has evolved from the old Raider cap they issued us at first.
    Don't get me wrong. I'm still kicking myself for losing my Raider cover (WWII and Korea types and still being issued in '56 along with the "new" ones).
    But everyone knows the Marines have landed when they spot that distinctive utility cover shape. The new camo just adds to the effect.
    The bad guys go looking for easier pickings just like the Chinese did in Korea when the saw "Yellowlegs" across no-man's land. They were talking about the canvas leggings only worn by Marines. Everyone else had regular combat boots by then except us.
    Also wish I'd kept my boondockers. Damn!!!!!
    Even if we didn't have the cover, the attitude would shine through.
    Ooooorah! Semper Fi.
    Have a great day

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    Because we are NOT like everyone else!

    Because they SUCK !

    My 2 cents for what it is worth.....

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    Ooooorah? What ever happen to Semper Fi? Ooooorah is also Army.
    Ooooorah or Semper Fi , no damn Berets, Doesn't the Girl Scouts ware them?

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    We dont need it look the Name it say it all (U.S. Marines) People around the world Fear Marines

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    Marines would look silly with little plastic bows sticky-taped to their buzzcut heads. Berets indeed! HarrumpH!!!

    On second thought, it would have a disruptive affect on our combat opponents, since they fall to the deck doubled over, laughing themselves to tears.

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    I will stay with the old starched soft cover if the liberials don't mind to much..........

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    Ain't No Way!!!! Let The Doggies Wear Them !!!!!!!!!!!

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    If you want to be like everyone else, join another branch of the military...That's what sets us apart!

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