MOS School Liberty?
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    Question MOS School Liberty?

    My boyfriend was sent to Pendleton for his MOS School (Mos:2141), we both have heard conflicting things, regarding liberty. Has anyone had someone sent to Pendleton for MOS School, that could help me figure out if he'll get liberty.. or if I'll be able to go there to visit him on base.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There are Newer Marines that should be along shortly to answer your question, My only experience is from years ago, and at that time, we got liberty, but it was spotty at best, at that time we were not aloud to have any guest at our Barracks, but you could visit. He would have to come to the gate to allow you access to getting on base, that is if at that time the Marines in School aren't restricted, that happens from time to time,

    My MOS was 0331 so I was a grunt and we would train all the time and get weekends off if we were lucky, and you never new until the weekend was upon us if you had it off or not. so if you go or he calls if you're close enough you could have a weekend together off base.

    but there are others who are more up to-date on this for today's Marines.
    sorry I could not be of more help..
    best of luck

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