Pre-Bootcamp Paranoia
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    Pre-Bootcamp Paranoia

    Being a Marine is something I've wanted to be for such a long time and It's the only thing I have going for me. It's something that I hold so close to my heart. My Brother-in-law, who I consider one of my closest friends is already a Marine, a Corporal and I look up to him immensely has been extremely helpful in my aims for a career in the Corps. As has been my Navy vet Father and other family members.

    I have less than a month until I ship. I've been in the DEP program since May of 2016. My problem is lately for the past week I've been worried something could go wrong before I ship, I could get hurt or I could fail a test. I don't do drugs but I am a bit hyperactive sometimes. And I am also worried about something happening in boot camp that could stop me from becoming a Marine. Any tips for dealing with this? Thanks for any info in advance!

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    Look both ways before you cross streets ,
    walk facing into traffic,
    make sure no train is comming the other way
    when you sneak across the gates @ the X

    Time moves fastest
    looking back.............

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    Almost everyone gets a little nervous when its gets close to shipping. Stay strong and keep your eye on the end goal. When you get there, as soon as you step off that bus your mind will be going 100 miles an hour to worry about anything else except the task at hand. Semper Fi and good luck!

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    Your feelings are normal. I would be worried if you didn't have them.

    Everyone who ships to bootcamp does not earn the title. Stuff does happen (injuries, etc). All you can do is your best every day.

    Good luck.

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    Granted, you can GREATLY reduce your chances of getting injured by going down there in good shape. Too late for that now, however.

    This next month just stay healthy and make good decisions. Don't overdo anything (drinking, working out, eating, etc).


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    Back from boot camp and on Leave. can't believe how stupidly paranoid I was. Even though it was incredibly challenging and there were many times I could have gotten hurt, you just gotta not be an idiot. Thanks all for the guidance none-the-less!

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    Congratulations. Enjoy your leave and don't do anything stupid. What is your MOS going to be?


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    Congrats Marine, keep your head on your shoulders while on leave, have some fun but be careful and best of luck to you and your career...

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    Congratulations! PM FoxtrotOscar or Mongoose or madsox to change your status from poolee to Marine.

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    Congratulations Devil! Enjoy the rest of your journey.

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    Pre-boot camp anxiety is normal. Boot camp is easy compared to the rigors and challenges after boot camp.

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    Thanks all for the good wishes!

    and my MOS is 0431 Combat Logistics.

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    Nothing but a thing. Stay motivated and you will succeed. We here have BTDT and know you can do the same thing.

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    Congrats Marine .....

    I was gonna say for you
    to square away your profile-

    Be advised - stupidity will get you
    killed 98 times out of 100
    given the proper conditions......

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    Congratulations Marine...

    Name change/status complete...

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