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    Question FMF Corpsman/SARC help?

    Hey guys, apologies if I posted in the wrong thread. This seems to be the best site to find some FMF Corpsman who could help me out. I recently enlisted in the Navy as an HM. I ship out 06 09 2017. Therefore I have time but want to prepare as best as I can.

    I am very excited for this as my entire life I have been eager to follow family tradition and serve. Ever since being inspired by grandparents, cousins and my dad, there just isn't anything else I want to do right now.

    Problem is, the majority of my family is Army, and although they give excellent advice I really have no one to help me understand more about the direction I've turned my head into such as HM.

    Although I need to take things one step at a time, I really am just trying to get information on how I may eventually be able to become and work my ass off to earn the FMF position. What would I do after A school to go towards that direction?

    Another question is I've heard many things about SARC Corpsman, and if I'm going in the Navy I'd like to give everything I have to challenge myself and understand how far I can expand my opportunities, therefore information on SARC's would be interesting.

    I'm not saying the path I'd like to go on is easy, and I am aware I need to earn it. I really just want to get information on how I'd get there in the first place to give it my all.

    Thank you all for your time, and I appreciate the help.

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    Send a private message to DanM (corpsman).

    Good luck.

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    I can only give basic info since shut down 2 years ago and most other forums are lacking.

    HM "A" school Ft.Sam Houston,Tx. Top of the class can "pick" orders to "C" schools/duty stations including HM8404 if available.Needs of the Navy determines everything... one class may send 10 another may send 30.At one time every HM was required to attend the 8404 school,

    If you don't get a school it's 2 years shore duty or 3years sea duty before you can request it.

    HM 8427 is an advanced "C" school and I believe being a HM3 or above to request it.

    NEC 8427 SARC
    "1. NEC is awarded upon completion of all of the following courses: 1) USMC Basic Reconnaissance, 2) USMC Combatant Divers, 3) Army Basic Airborne School, 4) USMC Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman Diving Medicine, 5) Joint Special Operations Forces Trauma Medic.
    2. Recommendation for removal of NEC HM-8427 will be made by the member's Commanding Officer based on an evaluation of the individual's proficiency and professional performance in accordance with the provisions of OPNAVINST 6400.1 (series). Send NAVPERS 1221/6 to PERS-4013D2 via the ECM (BUPERS-32).
    3. Must continuously maintain Dive/Jump qualifications to retain NEC.

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