Looking for Joes N647 Handler
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    Looking for Joes N647 Handler

    Hi. We adopted Joe N647 and are looking for his handler to let him know how he's doing. He was an IED dog in he Marine Corp that did 3 tours in Afghanistan. He's such a good boy and enjoying his retirement on my couch. Our email is charleswarmuth@cox.net if you want to contact us. I'm not sure how to find his "person". Let us know if you have any ideas. Thank you.

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    I can't help you with your search, but I want to say that I appreciate what you're attempting to do. I'm sure Joe's handler will appreciate it as well. Good luck in your search.

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    Thank you. We are happy to take care of him. He's such a good dog.

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    He's now in Minnesota. Please let us know about him. (619)207-7099.

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