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    Very interesting posts. Maybe we could start a thread specifically about the Corps yesterday, today, and tomorrow, because for one, I find it really interesting to see what the Corps in like nowadays compared to when I was in, which was just after the Civil War, it seems. Maybe I'll start that thread now.

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    I just started a thread in Open Squad Bay about the Corps Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow......the discussion above gave me the idea.

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    Captain, in answer to your question, you can change your username, but cannot do it yourself. Contact Foxtrot Oscar or Mongoose.

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    I for one, knew our hands were tied under Obama. The Captain has a great insight on our Corps. PC has infiltrated our military and we are far worse off than we have ever been.

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    Right, Billy, except he did point out that some positive changes have occurred also. But, overall, as society goes, so goes the Corps. That is inevitable. It takes the Corps longer to change, but it changes as society itself changes.

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    Methinks that the "silent majority" best get it on and "change society back" quickly, very quickly, if our way of life is to continue... otherwise, we all see what "society" has turned into, a bunch of whiney, candy assed, spoiled brats that think the world OWES them anything and everything they want, for FREE, of course.... NOT exactly what the Founding Fathers had in mind...

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