Actually, I'm looking to out a fake...
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    Actually, I'm looking to out a fake...

    ... so if I'm in the wrong forum, my apologies to the mods. Please steer me to the right place as needed.

    Preliminaries: I am not a Marine. My military service was in submarines 1981-1985. But as an Academy grad I was certainly indoctrinated into the history of the Corps and respect the institution as much as anyone.

    Here's my issue:

    I was solicited for an investment advisory service by a guy who calls himself "the Mad Hedge Fund Trader". I was mildly interested, especially since he seems to have quite an extensive breadth of experience. But after a few minutes reviewing his biography and many of his blog posts, I began to have my doubts.

    Here is the bio statement he made that caused my BS-meter to peg on HIGH:

    With the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, Thomas was drafted by the US Marine Corp to serve as a pilot."

    Yeah, I know: huh? Drafted? In 1990-91? And as a pilot?

    And that's not all. One of his speaker bios says:

    In Operation Desert Storm he flew special ops as a combat pilot for the US Marine Corps."

    It goes on and gets dumber and more infuriating, such as a Veteran's Day post in which he speaks of "putting on my faded Marine fatigues".


    Anyhow this guy pulls a lot of money from subscribers and attendees to his events and has managed to create a persona for himself on CNBC and other outlets, and it makes me furious.

    Is there a way to prove/disprove any of the following without a FOIA request:
    graduation from TBS
    qualification as a USMC C-130 Pilot
    award of the SASM

    The furthest I've ever gone to out a fake was to scold a dude at the airport wearing a beret, USMC dress blues, numerous USN Officer warfare specialty pins, a CIB and a rack of ribbons that would've put Zhukov to shame. That was easy. But this guy is web-savvy and moneyed. Every time I call him out in investor forums he gets me banned. I need hard info.

    If anyone can assist or steer me to sources, I'd be grateful.

    [Please know that I've done some searches here on the site already looking for ways to address this and the results that I've found haven't been helpful yet. Mea Culpa if my google fu was weak.]

    Again: if the post is misplaced, let me know and I'll be quick to move it.

    Best to all.

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    PM sent with information...

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    Another website has info on how to check these - "This Aint Hell, but you can see it from here" has complete dope on checking these stories.

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    Too easy. I'm an instructor at TBS. If you care that much, have him tell you his BOC/platoon (there's no way he forgot) and I'll snap a pic of "his" cruisebook sans his photo.

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    An estimate from military site, of good standing, says ......there are about 900,000 Viet Nam vets still alive today. But....there are around 13,000,000 claiming to be VN Veterans. I can remember when no one wanted to be a VN everyone wants to be a hero.

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    Great to see you posting, Captain.

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    Nothing to add here but a "hey, welcome aboard, sir!" and dittoes to the Mongoose greeting for the Captain - you do realize you're going to be OOD about 50% of the time, though, don't you sir?

    We're a little short on officers here, so ...



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    Andy, I thought Ed was the on site OD??

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    Thanks for the welcome, guys. I registered on this site eons ago, but didn't post much. The site I'm an admin on "" is dying off for both hosting and interest reasons, so I figured it's time to find a new online stomping ground. Question: Is there a way to change your username?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deror View Post
    Thanks for the welcome, guys. I figured it's time to find a new online stomping ground. Question: Is there a way to change your username?
    Hey Cap.....

    I would respectfully like to echo the welcoming.
    I'm sure, over time, you will educate us on the current Corps.

    Welcome Brother....SF

    (EDIT: hey Mongoose....who's the hero in your image? )

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    I'm not sure you want a complete SitRep on the current state of the Corps. Eight years of Hussain took their toll and it's a very different institution than the Marine Corps that won two world wars. I'd argue the average Marine is much more tech savvy than at any time, and just as adaptable, but we millennials are a very entitled bunch and the NCO Corps doesn't have the same authority/respect it once did (because almost everyone who gives a damn makes at least Cpl in 4 years now), which translates to less discipline across the board. On the officer side, OCS has become easier and the last 2-3 years of 2ndLts are less disciplined and IMO, mentally weaker than past crops. I've been in 7 years, but leaning toward an egress in the next couple years. The wars are dwindling and peacetime Marine Corps is upon us. Just my $.02, other active duty Marines might have a different experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deror View Post
    I'm not sure you want a complete SitRep on the current state of the Corps.
    Ha....I get it.
    Thank for providing your personal take on current USMC sitrep which confirms my long time perception of things.

    Hope you'll hang here post egress.

    Carry on....SF

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    It's not all bad. The Marine Corps just doubled the number of heads I'm allowed to use!

    I'm convinced that during peacetime we'll play political games, but if WWIII breaks out, the Marine Corps will never let itself stray too far from where it needs to be to win. I think our fieldgrade officer Corps is the strongest it's been since Vietnam. Virtually every Major through Col has at least one deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan. About 2/3rds of Captains have that experience as well and the rest + 1stLts have a MEU under their belt. Strategically, we're probably the most prepared we've been in a generation, maybe two. Our cohesiveness and ethos is not where I'd like to see it though.

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    So you're saying that us Cpl's of Marines from back in 1968 wouldn't be Gods anymore, what a bitcch.

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