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    @ gkmoz not too worried about the hygiene aspect or I'd probably join the Air Force. Take away my showers guaranteed I'll survive! ������ Yes you are correct on there being a hell of a lot to put in consideration though.. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me it's all greatly appreciated!

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    Honey, Grunts go crazy around women. My concern is that all you'll see is their tongues and you know what's hanging out.

    You have not been around these types of men before. They'll go out of their way to help you, I fear at the loss of their brothers. These are the men that smash and blow things up, these are not school boys.
    Yes I agree and the big worry I have is me becoming a bigger priority than the man next to me. Last thing I want.
    Shoot I'm trying to be the women that smashes and blows things up.. Perhaps there will be more female grunts by the time I leave as well.. But if not. I'm bound to survive I suppose ������

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    One thing to remember is Pain is Weakness leaving your body..
    Stay focus and you'll do fine..

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    My friends all complained and ranted of being in the same unit as women.

    What they told me is that:
    A) They get special treatments for being women
    B) They absolutely can't handle during their period

    So if you can carry your 200lbs guys on your back with full gear, why not?
    I'd be careful about interactions with male comrades.

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