CK contract questions looking for more imformation
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    CK contract questions looking for more imformation

    Hi so I recently got a ck contract although I did look at the field and the job possibilities. I would like to know If anyone knows the possible duty stations and if there is a specific deployment rotation. Lastly if anyone could tell me a personal experience if possible in this job field. Thank you and much respect to all of you brave marines for serving our country I hope to someday be in your foot steps and feel the joy and pride you must all feel.

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    We are not recruiters and don't have the list of MOS's that fall under the CK program. If you can tell us what those MOS fields are we can help you better.

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    Yes sir excuse me for not having put that on there i believe it's 0861, 0842, 0844, and 0847

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    MSgt, I believe they are covered under this published MARADMIN:

    CK is FDC Specialists, including MOS's 0842, 0844, 0847, and 0861.


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