Today I had my first ship validation, all went well, I passed my IST with flying colors. But when my Liason spoke with me for the moment of truth, he noticed a small scar on the side of my face you can only see if you are up close to me or in bright lights. He got to the questing asking if I had any scars I answered "no sir" then he asked multiple other times and I kept saying "no sir", because I even forgot I had it because its so small and I got it when I was 2 years old. He then asked me about the small one on my face and I said "I forgot sir" then he said alright and asked me if I was ready to ship. All in all he acted like it wouldn't be a problem and didn't mention it again. But I then remembered I have a scar on the back of my ear too when I got home, that is pretty unnoticeable unless you look for it, or look directly at my ear from behind. I am just wondering if I should be worried about being discharged for fraudulent enlistment when I get to PI. Will anyone even notice it, and if so what should I say? I asked my recruiter about it, and he said to not worry, nothing will come of it. But I am still a little bit worried, because I don't want to lose the chance of earning the title of Marine over something this small and stupid. The scar on my face is from a dog scratching me when I was two years old, and the one on my ear is from me lying next to a rocking chair when I was 5, and when my sister sat in it, somehow my ear got caught on the chair and split the top part almost all the way off.

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