Camp Mujuk Unaccompanied Orders
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    Camp Mujuk Unaccompanied Orders

    Marines, I just received orders to Camp Mujuk, South Korea unaccompanied for 1 year. Have any of you been stationed there? What can you tell about this place? Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

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    Read the similar threads below your question.

    Good luck with your assignment Devil.

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    My unit was there in 1985 for about 30 days. It
    was so muddy we called it Camp Mudchuk.

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    At least you won't be living in tent city ...

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    And Kim Chee is not a fruit ...

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    Awesome! Would I rate the Overseas Service Ribbon upon completion of my tour?

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    With your profile I doubt it, Semper Fidelis.

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    Thread will be closed...

    If this individual has been in 20 years and making a post like this and a Profile that is nada...

    You got 24 hours to fix the profile... Questions and or concerns, PM..


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