I've been searching here and many other places, and I have not found an answer to my specific question.

I have read a number of orders regarding the medical screening for spouses. I have asked my on base provider, but he has never done dependents, only single marines.

I have chronic migraines which qualify as a disability at work. I am on maintenance medication and at minimum require office visits one per quarter. My assumption is that this will make my husband ineligible for MSG duty.

During the initial interview, my migraines were discussed, but had not progressed to the point of maintenance prescriptions etc. He's deployed now and is slated for the class in Virginia in August.

I'm hoping they will do the medical clearance before he goes to the class. I really hate not knowing anything. Also, I'm currently putting off further medical care with the neurologist because I don't want that to be what kicks him off and they'd have been fine issuing me a longer prescription before leaving. It's not like I'm going to die without medical care. So that's why I'm so confused on this issue. It's not like diabetes or something. I'll simply suffer without easily available care.

Does anyone have any insight? Or do I just need to be patient? (I'm really bad at this obviously!)

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