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    Question Relationships

    Very simple question.

    I'm going to boot camp on July 10. I'm currently in a relationship. My girl is going to Navy bootcamp on September 25th.

    My contract is currently 03xx, so I'm going to be in the infantry. She signed a hospital corpsmen contract at meps.

    Any ideas how we could house together after we're done with our schools, if possible.

    Any and all advice would be appreciated devil dogs!

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    have you given any thought
    to the question you just asked ?

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    You will not be housing together. Chances are, you'll be on the East Coast, and she'll be on the West Coast. Only time you'll see her is if you two can get leave at the same time. Even if you got married, which would be REALLY dumb, there is no guarantee the two services could put you together. Chances of her ever being assigned to the same base you're at are extremely low. As a junior Marine, you will be assigned a room in the barracks aboard base.

    The Marine Corps is not concerned about your social life. If you two happen to meet up during your enlistment then good on you. But, don't expect it to happen.

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    You will not be together during your enlistments, so you may as well go your separate ways. After one or both of you are out of the service, you can see if there is still a chance for the two of you to be together.

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    You're best bet is for both of you to try for assignments at major Marine Corps commands with Navy Corpsmen, such as Camp Pendleton or Camp Lejeune.

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    HM 5 year enlistment contract,RTC 8 weeks,HM "A" school 19 weeks,needs of the Navy "C" school 4-18 months.First permanent duty station ,2 years shore or 4 years sea duty and rarely your choice of location.

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    Thanks a lot for the quick replies! Honestly, I wasn't really expecting there to be much possibility for what I'd asked about. Guess we'll try and see how long the relationship can last if at all lol after all the stuff I've heard unlikely but then again career comes first so if it goes to **** oh well.

    Thanks again!

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    "Absence diminishes mediocre passions and increases great ones, as the wind extinguishes candles and fans fires. "

    Francois de La Rochefoucauld
    ^&^ NOT sure if that is the DUDE who
    invented the SALAD DRESSING ?*

    Read more at:


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    Wow, m14ed that so deep... I was just going to say " if it works out You'd be lucky" S/F

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    COMPUTERZ IZ GREAT !!! (google/query is my friend)

    when i was in it was phrased -

    As sure as time will snuff a candle
    and fan a fire -
    so will time-
    extinguish small passions and
    increase great ones.

    i'm just passing it on with the correct words and owner !

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    I remember a wise man once said "If the Corps had wanted you to have a girlfriend, they would have issued one!"

    Semper Fi

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    Good attitude to have. I hate to say it, but very few relationships from 18 year old new to the military people work out. Not always the case, my wife and I have been together since 18, we were both reservists, both deployed with different units (I was a grunt she was a POG), and we are happy married homeowners about to start our 10th year together. But this isn't the norm. We also didn't get married until after we graduated college.

    As far as married couples go, the military does make an effort to keep you close. Different branches have different policies, but I recall reading the navy is decent with it, even if you were in different branches.


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