IDT (Inactive Duty Training) Travel reimbursement.
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    IDT (Inactive Duty Training) Travel reimbursement.

    IDT (Inactive Duty Training) Travel reimbursement. Son in USMC Reserves drives 142 miles one-way to drill. He is PV2 on his 6th IDT. I spoke with the 1SG and he said my Marine signed a mileage waiver. I don't know what Defense Table of Distances DTOD officially says the distance is; can't log in. I think they do zip code to zip code. Recruiters initially said he is eligible. Cost my son $40 each IDT for gas. I've look at MCBUL 1001 FY 14 INACTIVE DUTY TRAINING TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT. Need guidance.

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    Welcome to our beloved Marine Corps, Semper Fidelis.

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    Back when I was a driving Reservist (80s), gas and such were on me. I was far enough from the unit that I qualified for "accommodations" during drill weekends, either a cheap local motel or a fart sack on the motor pool floor, but how I got here and back home was my responsibility.

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    Sounds like this individual is confusing the Army and Marine Corps. I key into the term PV2 the Marine Corps does not have PV2's the Army does. Also if your son signed a milage waiver that means he accepts that he will be driving said amount of distance for free.

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