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    Medical condition

    Hello everyone, I have aspirations to join the Marines but I have a medical condition that I have been told might hold me back. I have an intestinal disease called Ulcerative Colitis, which Im required to take 5 pills daily for (the medicine is called Asocol HD). Now I under stand im not allowed to take pills at boot camp but this isn't allergy medicine or some trivial, I actually need to take them. I wrestled, ran track, played baseball, and now go to a kick boxing gym all without being hindered whatsoever. So will I really be disqualified from joining? Even though I can preform just like everyone else ...if not long as I take my pills?

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    The Army would not take you with that, so I doubt the Marine Corps will.

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    Gonna have to check with a recruiter on that one, man. I'm inclined to say no, but it's also worth checking into the other services.


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    Thanks for the replies, I talked to a recruiter about 6 months ago and he advised me that I need to stop taking those pills and upon further consultation with a specialist gastrointestinal doctor and he said I can't come off my pills but he will provide medical evidence showing that I'm more than fit to participate, he (as well as my self) don't understand the reason why taking pills would stop me from pursuing my dreams if they really aren't a hinderance at all

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    A recruiter is the only one that can give you the real scoop, we'll all just have opinions. The thing is, even though you could probably sail through boot camp with flying colors, that is still a controlled environment. What if the Corps needs to deploy you to a combat environment and all they can supply you with is ammo, water, and chow? You may not be able to get your pills, then what?

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    This is very true, harsh reality but the truth it is

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    To be a Marine, you must be 100% deployable at all times. For that reason, chronic medical issues (diabetes, asthma, etc), like the one you have, are permanent disqualifiers. The military would be responsible for your healthcare, including providing your meds for free. Why should they be willing to take on that additional cost, just because you want them to. Your recruiter answered your question. You'll have to prove you have been off all meds for a six month period before they'll process you. Poolees go to bootcamp with a drivers license and their signed contact. There are no prescriptions, bottles of pills, etc. May not sound fair, but there are a lot of things not fair in the Marine Corps.

    Check with the other services and good luck.

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